May 13th, 2012

Have You Scene?…Where The Wild Things Are.



Remember when all you needed to cure anything, was a plaster? Essentially that’s what Where the Wild Things Are is about.

Based on the celebrated cultish kid’s classic written by Maurice Sendak when you were certainly too young for it back in 1963.

Following the lead of Sendak’s original bookish material, things remain fairly little on plot and large on imagination.

Occasionally spiralling wildly to conjure it’s own notions, mostly Spike Jonze uses a number of other imaginative elements to try and maintain attention spans.

The wild things themselves are as childishly awe-inspiring as you could hope for.  Over sized bundles of bright-eyes, fur, snotty noses, and curious physics. Much of this is down to the handiwork of the legendary Jim Hensen team, matched with just the right amount of digital trickery.

The dialogue between our main man Max and his beastly buddies provides moments of the brilliant backward logic. Utilising the talents of the big kids cast in an oddly unique way.

A tremendous tumbling soundtrack provided by Karen O, should even keep the scene kids happy.

The larger themes are quite obviously there, but tend to work best when you don’t stop to over think them.

Not a children’s movie in many of the conventional senses. There are monsters, but certainly no princesses or charming princes.

There’s no candy coloured scenery or animated blue birds in sight. A movie that tugs and pulls at the parts of your imagination that were raw like scraped knees. That were bruised and dusty on dry days and mud splattered on teary-eyed wet ones.

In that sense, it isn’t a movie for everyone. But then anyone who doesn’t want to get their feet wet, or is going to want more than a plaster to make them feel better should just stay at home anyway.


Maurice Sendak. 1928 -2012


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