May 6th, 2010

One for all, and all for one.

So recently many of the literate Irish majority might have seen the “One City, One Book” campaign posters sprouting up on billboards, shop windows and lamp posts around Dublin.

Those of you that have will know, that this year the choice of book for the now annual (I think, correct me if I’m wrong) campaign in Ireland is dear old Oscars ‘Portrait of Dorian Gray’. Before that it was the king of the goths Bram Stoker and his classic Dracula.

The Idea behind the campaign, which apparently started out in Seattle and has migrated west since, is to get an entire city reading and importantly discussing one piece of literature. Now while I’d agree that reading is a quite personal thing, having shared a simultaneous reading of Kerouac’s ‘On the Road’ recently with a friend, I’ve grown to like the thought of what is essentially a big book club.

Apart from that, I like big social experiments that try and build a bit of an ad hoc community. So its with some great enthuse I discovered that “One City, One Book” was being taken a step further to ingulf a few of my other favorite things. Namingly, Twitter and Neil Gaiman.

The “One Book, One Twitter” campaign will be aiming to reach much the same goals as it’s geographically hindered brothers and will be promoting discussion and en mass reading of Gaiman’s epic ‘American Gods’.

For those of you interested in getting involved have a peak at the Twitter account @1B1T2010 or find out some more from the wonderful people at Wired magazine who are running this particular show.

You can also see what @Neilhimself thinks of the whole thing here.

June 22nd, 2010
Sometimes fiction is a way of coping with the poison of the world in a way that lets us survive it.
Neil Gaiman (via brownhound) (via fuckyeahgaiman) (via howcloseis)
September 18th, 2010


Sandman Special: The Dream Hunters by Neil Gaiman and Yoshitaka Amano

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November 4th, 2010

Have you Scene?…Watchmen

In much the same way I usually attempt to read a book before I see the film version of things, I plead with those of you who WANT to ‘get’ this movie to check out the glorious graphic novel it steamed from first.

I also challenge any of you “graphic novels aren’t real books” naysayers to read Watchmen and still tell me that to my face.

With the recent wave of comic based movies over the last number of years Watchmen was a long time coming. While having nowhere near the mainstream appeal or awareness the likes of Batman or Spiderman provide, for fans of the graphic novel – it’s a bit like War & Peace.

Stuck in development heck (which, to quote Neil Gaiman, ‘is kind of like development hell only slightly more encouraging’) for many a year with rewrites and general nonsense holding it up. Having at one point during the early 90’s even had Terry Gilliam on board to direct.

Several years later we arrive at the eventual release under the stylish direction of Zack Snyder who brought us 300.

At little lose for the time it took to get here, the movie is a well-written, sophisticated take on the original material. With effects and editing that are both effective and complimentary for it’s comic fans. And with enough story, action and intrigue to keep everybody else happy.

With only minor alterations to the original plot line and characters. Most importantly the colour and tone of the piece feel as appropriate as we could hope for from a silver screen adaption.

Justice at last for a true cult classic.





December 25th, 2010

The Annual Christmas Sing Song.

Olga Nunes; If you like it you can also download the song, and a whole bunch of other musical gifts free here.


Via: The extraordinary @neilhimself (who you should also go wish a merry Christmas)

February 12th, 2011


Early Bird Special: Neil Gaiman in Dr. Download or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Online Piracy.


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February 27th, 2011
Honestly, if you’re given the choice between Armageddon or tea, you don’t say ‘what kind of tea?’
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