March 2nd, 2012

Have You Scene?… The Way.

“You should travel more”. It’s one of those catch-all statements that can suggest anything from a person’s mild mannered opinion that you simply “don’t get out enough” to the implication that you border on the supremely ignorant.

Either way I think it’s usually good food for thought.

Unfortunately, it also tends to be one of the things most likely to be put to the end of the long arm of procrastination in our life times.

I think most people harbour dreams of sailing Mediterranean coastlines, or aspire to trekking some little known stretch of rainforest or dessert.

However most of us tend to feel lucky to get to see the inside of Stansted airport once a year between a there-and-back-mad-dash of badly applied sun cream, hotel swimming pools and underwhelming overpriced restaurants.

Which brings me nicely to why “The Way” is a worthwhile watch. In it’s own mildly spiritual touchy-feely way it does as good a job as many at tweaking that part of your nomadic brain that still remembers how good it feels to pack a bag and wander off track a little. It also speaks volumes of how it often takes a strong push from our well feather nests to get us back on our feet.

A reasonably sure-footed reminder that people travel for all sorts of reasons; to quite smoking, to lose weight, to cure writer’s block or of course, just to go for a really long walk.

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